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Mixed-SKU Fulfillment for Leading Baked Goods Distributor

September 22, 2023
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Baked Goods Fulfillment

Dexterity's robotic systems are in production 24/7 powering order fulfillment, unit-level picking, and outbound kitting for large enterprise customers. Unlike generally available robots, which require installing expensive and bulky material handling equipment, Dexterity's robots operate within existing workflows at human-level skill in a human-sized footprint. Our robots share networked intelligence to coordinate actions, improve performance, and provide real-time insights into upstream and downstream operations.

Stop wasting time. See all the bakeries you want. Just give me a plan to deploy your bots at scale.

C-Suite Executive

Supporting one of the largest baked goods manufacturers in the world.

Using the Dexterity platform, robots are given a variety of capabilities that enable them toperform some of the most complex tasks in a warehouse.


Facing soaring demand, one of the world's largest consumer goods manufacturers sought to add automation to help fulfill expanded orders from their customers. Traditional automation, however, could not handle the variety and delicacy of baked goods that company produced.

The company sought a partner that could help meet the challenges of their 24 / 7operation keeping the country's grocery stores well stocked with baked goods.

Key Requirements
1) Support revenue critical operations in a 24/7 environment
2) Pick and pack individual loaves of bread autonomously without damaging product
3) Low capex and simple integrations with existing warehouse infrastructure

Dexterity's Mandate

Dexterity was asked to enable one robot with a human-sized footprint to pick over 10,000unique individual baked goods, lift stacks of trays of goods, and move dollies loaded with trays to outbound staging areas. The manufacturer required the bots to be installed in a rapid timeframe, execute fulfillment at a faster rate than experienced operators and require virtually no manual intervention. Additionally, the manufacturer required complete transparency regarding bot operations so they could quickly identify opportunities for optimizing production or distribution.

Dexterity’s mandate was to automate and streamline the fulfillment process.

Dexterity's Solution

Using the Dexterity platform, robots are given a variety of capabilities that enable them toper form some of the most complex tasks in a warehouse.

Vision helps them look at trays of baked goods and determine what to grab. A sense of touch gives them the delicacy to pick items and gently pack them into trays and ensure that trays are securely nested onto one another. Dexterity's robots communicate with one another, enabling them to share their learnings from each pick, and to better coordinate picking as they move up and down picking streets.

All of this is coordinated by a data auditing system that tracks what goods are picked, at what rate, and where they are loaded. This provides a layer of unit-level insight previously unavailable to the customer.


After development, testing, implementation, and optimization, Dexterity's robotic solutions delivered significant value to the customer. Since being installed, Dexterity robots have fulfilled over 21million units of baked goods and counting increasing on time fill-rates to 98% and unlocking previously unseen network-level intelligence to further optimize production and delivery scheduling.

The next time you're at a grocery store, you might be handling baked goods picked by Dexterity's robots!

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