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Push the envelope.

Intelligent Parcel Induction and Singulation

Robots that just sort it out.

Streamline workflows by autonomously picking and inducting parcels into crossbelt or tilt tray-style sorters at super human speeds.

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Next-generation intelligence.

Production Hardened

Our robotic singulation cells have handled hundreds of thousands of unique SKUs in production.

Superhuman Speed

Each individual cell can perform in your operation with a sustained speed of 2,000 pieces per hour.

Modular Design

This product is designed to fit in your facility with minimal changes to existing infrastructure.

Production forged capability.

Multi-Arm Design

Two arms make it possible to provide human parity. They give the system twice the pick rate, and the ability to collaborate to clear each chute.

Machine Learning

Each robotic cell is analyzing its own performance, the introduction of new parcel types, and implements new strategic insights to increase fleet performance.

Motion Control

The robotic arms use depth information to plan the optimal trajectory through the often crowded chute.

Robot Vision

Our high-speed computer vision solution identifies cases, poly bags, flat mailers and non-inductables. It detects overlaps, occlusion and identifies shipping labels.

Force Control

This application uses tactile perception to create a robotic sense of touch. It can feel a soft or crumpled package and strategize for optimal target grasp quality.

Easy Integration

Our system utilizes your existing mezzanine and is designed to work in your existing workflows and infrastructure.

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