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You need multi-taskers. You need problem solvers. You need flexibility, speed, and efficiency. Full-Capability Robots are here to help.

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From concept to integration, Dexterity will walk alongside you to achieve value.

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We start with an overview of the advantages of Full Task Robots over single-task robots and show you how our robots are getting smarter through millions of picks in production.

Site Visit

Dexterity engineers visit your location to get a full understanding of your operations. We map your workflows—inbound to outbound—to discover applications for automation.

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Data Analysis

The site visit includes a data analysis where we review your operations clock, number of shifts, throughput, and specific requirements for automation.

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Lab Visit

You ship us your cases and we show you how the Dexterity platform orchestrates automation to solve problems in real time. You'll see how our robots multitask and collaborate to pick, pack, and stack, and load and unload pallets.

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In about two weeks, you'll get our detailed proposal that includes an in-depth ROI analysis comparing your current state of operations with an automated future state, as well as when your Dexterity investment goes cash positive.