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Automate case-level labeling for outbound pallets in 3PL, Retail, and CPG Logistics

Dexterity automates case-level labeling with it's ability to depalletize, palletize, and dynamically replicate pallet patterns. Ideal for 3PL, Retail, and CPG brands that have case labeling requirements including SSCC, FNSKU, and customer’s routing guide requirements.

Print and Apply Case-Level Labeling for Outbound and Storage

Boost Operational Efficiency

Reduce turnover, injuries, and errors with our automated case level labeling. Automation is an opportunity to re-skill existing employees, allowing them to do more high value work.

Compact System

Our system is designed to be brownfield compatible and fit within your footprint. Integrates with your WES and is label machine agnostic to seamlessly print labels without slowing down your operations. 2-day installation.

Cost Savings

Our system is 2x faster than the manual process. With Dexerity’s case level labeling, you can cut down on hiring manual labor, and save time. Positive ROI for customers with one shift operations.

Robotic Print & Apply Palletizer

Our system is a standardized cell that works out of the box.

Automatic Labeling

Our system labels at a machine rate of 300 cases per hour. About 2X faster then most manual operations.

Barcode Scanning

The cell comes standard with barcoding and case identification, verifies every case.

Smart Labeling

Avoids existing labels or important case information. The system only places labels on approved regions.

Pattern Detection

When depalletizing from a single-SKU pattern, the software will learn case pattern and replicate it as it palletizes.

Modular Design

Set up and installation is easy since it's based on our popular palletizing and depalletizing cell.

Simple Operation

The system is easy to operate with simple inputs and a touchscreen interface. It intelligently adapts to your changing SKUs.

Product Guide

Key Performance Metrics & Specifications


How it works

This is a use case for operations that require re-labeling for outbound preparation and re-labeling cases in inventory. This system can also conform to other relabeling workflows.

Step 1

Input a pallet of cases that need labeled into either side of Dexterity's standard two pallet cell. The output side should have an empty pallet that is ready to receive labeled cases.

Step 2

The system will automatically start depalletizing cases if the cell safety zone is clear.

Step 3

The robot will bring each case to a barcode scanner which will scan the case and confirm the barcode label, the location of the label and the orientation of the label. Once scanned, the robot will present the proper location of the case to the print and apply machine to apply the label.

Step 4

Once labeled, the system will palletize the case onto the empty pallet. The robot will replicate the exact pattern onto the output pallet.

Step 5

Once the pallet is complete and each case is labeled, the operator will perform a pallet swap to continue the operations.

Note: If the cases do not have existing barcodes, the operator can insert the pallet ID into the UI screen.

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