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Effortless mixed palletizing and depalletizing is only a button away.

Let Dexterity do the heavy lifting

Improve employee safety, attract talent, and maximize your operations with robotic automation that just works. Get your copy of our solution summary:

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Plug in and start unpacking.

Easy Comissioning

The system can be installed and commissioned within 2-days thanks to Dexterity’s modular hardware and configurable software. Our commissioning wizard software makes each step simple.

Instant Productivity

Dexterity’s software platform can depalletize at production rate without needing training prior to deployment. We have your case mix handled.

WMS Agnostic

Our platform does not require a data feed or warehouse software integration. The robot has a real-time understanding of its environment and will pause when there is an upstream bottleneck.

Production hardened capability.

Full Case Mix

The system has seen thousands of SKUs in live production, supporting retail, apparel, 3PL, & parcel verticals.

Dual Pallet Picking

Forklift operators can keep operations flowing and feed the cell safely with live pallet swapping for maximum throughout.

Wireless Operation

Operators can reset the robotic cell safely via a touchscreen interface without ever needing to get off their lift truck.

System Simplicity

Operating a cell is extremely intuitive and simple. With minimal training, an operator can supervise several cells simultaneously. Dexterity provides 24/7 production support and a Diagnostic Wizard should the unexpected arise.

Barcode Orientation 
+ Scanning

Seamlessly integrates into your workflow with any barcode scanning or upstream orientation requirements.

Maximized Throughout

This product is designed to be reliable, and durable - supporting up to 24-hour operations with minimal intervention. An industry-leading 700 PPH keeps your operations flowing.

Technology that transforms.


An intelligent software module that is the central decision-making hub of the robot system. Based on all the data received through its sensors and AI, the coordinator uses reason and logic to optimize the robot’s sequential decision-making.

Scene Understanding

3D & RGB computer vision algorithms enable the system to have real-time awareness of its environment. For example, the robots know when to pause when upstream conveyors are bottlenecked.

Motion Planning Algorithm

Enable increased throughput by dynamically calculating the most efficient placement trajectory for every pick and place.

Machine Learning

Unlike traditional robotic approaches that only employ machine learning on vision, Dexterity’s platform employs ML on vision, force sensing, platform, and overall system performance.

Business Intelligence

Visualizes system performance to provide key business insights for operational decision-making.

Let's leave
repetition torobots.