September 30, 2022

Dexterity and Sumitomo Partner to Bring Next Generation Robotics to Japanese Warehouses

Dexterity and Sumitomo Partner to Bring Next Generation Robotics to Japanese Warehouses
Dexterity and Sumitomo Partner to Bring Next Generation Robotics to Japanese Warehouses

Partnership will see 1,500 intelligent material handling robots deployed by 2026

Dexterity, the creators of full capability robot solutions, announced today a strategic partnership with the Sumitomo Corporation to deploy 1,500 Dexterity-powered robots in warehouses across Japan. 

Sumitomo Corporation, a Japan-based Fortune 500 multinational, signed an exclusive distributorship agreement in Japan with Dexterity to push into the Robots as a Service (RaaS) business in Japanese warehouses. Prior to signing this distribution agreement, Sumitomo invested in Dexterity in 2020 through Presidio Ventures Inc., Sumitomo’s U.S.-based corporate venture capital arm.

Using Dexterity’s SaaS-based robotic intelligence platform, will help customer benefit from full task robots - standard industrial robot arms equipped with Dexterity’s intelligence software that helps them solve the toughest to automate jobs in the warehouse. Dexterity’s full-stack robotic platform provides robots machine learning-enforced capabilities to help them build multi-SKU pallets on the fly, singulate and induct messy flows of parcels and bags, as well as picking and packing easily damaged items like bread and cake. 

To date, Dexterity’s engineers have developed, tested, and overseen the installation of all its robots, resulting in more than 40 million goods picked in production at warehouses across the U.S. 

Working together with Sumitomo will expand access to full task robots in Japan and ensure these systems will fit within existing Japanese warehouse workflows. 

“The full task robots we have deployed have only increased demand for flexible automation that can operate in existing workflows and infrastructure,” said Dexterity CEO Samir Menon. “Partnering with Sumitomo will accelerate Dexterity’s customers in getting FTE robot systems up and running in their facilities.”

In addition to working with Dexterity to deploy robots with Japanese customers, Sumitomo will also work with Dexterity to open a demo facility in Japan. Opening in November 2022, the facility will demonstrate to Japanese supply chain leaders how inbound and outbound materials at a warehouse can be connected with intelligent robots.  

Sumitomo plans to deploy Dexterity’s parcel singulation and induction solution with its first Japanese customer by Q1 2023.

The announcement follows news that Dematic, one of the premier providers of supply chain solutions, has partnered with Dexterity to expand deployments in North America and Europe. 

About Dexterity

Dexterity, Inc. creates full time equivalent robot solutions for logistics, warehouses, and supply chain customers. The company’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform equips robots with the vision, sense of touch, and intelligence to multi-task, handle complicated goods, fit within existing workflows, and achieve beyond human throughput in repetitive tasks. Dexterity solves labor shortages by delegating material handling work - such as sortation, palletizing and fulfillment - so employees can focus on higher-level, cognitive work. The company’s full-stack robotics systems are in production 24/7 with a support and performance guarantee. Dexterity’s robots excel in existing infrastructure with unpredictable environments. Learn more at www.dexterity.ai.

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Sumitomo Corporation

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